Erick Petersen - Board Member

Erick Petersen Erick Petersen is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of building businesses and high-performance teams across a range of industries, most recently renewable energy. Erick has a deep passion for company culture, employee engagement and customer experience. Erick is a Board Advisor to early stage companies in the renewable energy industry, a Principal Advisor with the Larta Institute and an Executive in Residence with the Technology Association of Oregon. Erick was a co-founder of the Bend Venture Conference, is an active Angel Investor, and has served on non-profit boards for the last two decades. Erick has called Bend home since 2003.

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“Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s model is very unique. It’s a way to be involved with one organization, but actually help and affect 2​5 other agencies.”

Sarah Stevens, Board Member