Kathy Drew - Board Member

Kathy Drew

Kathy is a retired Program Manager for Deschutes County Mental Health. She moved to Bend over 40 years ago after living in Seattle. Kathy received her ​bachelor's degree in political science from University of Washington and completed her master's in psychology at University of Oregon.

Deschutes Children’s Foundation is a big part of Kathy’s life; she has been an active board member since the inception of the organization in 1990.

“I have always had a strong interest in programs for children and families. I was on the original Commission on Children and Families and a small group of us from that committee formed the Children’s Foundation so we could begin purchasing sites to house a variety of programs serving this population. It was important to me that services work together, and being co-housed seemed like a great place to start that collaboration.”

In addition to DCF, she has served on a number of additional boards and other efforts including Family Access Network, Partnerships for Young Children, the Every Kid Fund, Family Kitchen, and Safetynet and Safehavens.

Kathy has four children and two grandchildren.



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“Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s model is very unique. It’s a way to be involved with one organization, but actually help and affect 2​5 other agencies.”

Sarah Stevens, Board Member