​Our Programs and services

In 1990, community leaders gathered together and determined a need in Deschutes County for a centralized location for children and families to receive basic services. Deschutes Children’s Foundation at the Rosie Bareis Community Campus is the result. Twenty-six years later, Deschutes Children’s Foundation has expanded to encompass four community campuses in Bend, Redmond, and La Pine. Deschutes Children’s Foundation provides the critical infrastructure where 26 nonprofit partners serve over 20,000 children and families each year.

Our mission is to promote a community of services for children and families. We accomplish our mission through the programs of rent-free classroom and office space and no-cost facility management, building a foundation of success for local nonprofits. Our partners benefit from a collective annual savings of over $650,000 in funds that would otherwise be directed toward rent and facility management, upkeep, and repairs. As a result, our partners can focus their hard earned funds on direct services helping over 20,000 children and families in Deschutes County thrive.

There are many benefits to locating complementary programs at one campus. Clients can access services from multiple partners in one convenient location. Partners and Deschutes Children’s Foundation facility managers often refer clients to other programs on the campus, facilitating the process with personal introductions. On the rare occasion when space is available at one of our facilities, we screen applicants to ensure that a complementary array of services is available at each of our facilities.

Our partners pay a monthly use fee of a very low $.69 per square foot. This accounts for approximately 50% of our revenue and offsets the cost of utilities. We are proud that use fees have only increased once in six years, and only by 3%. This achievement is due, in large part, to our successful fundraising program and the generosity of our donors.

Quite simply, Deschutes Children’s Foundation has become a home for nonprofits in our community. Through the benefits of co-location, our partners are able to share resources, increase inter-organization communication and improve access to services for their clients. Each campus is staffed by a facility manager who is tasked with organizing all repairs, maintenance, and partner needs. The facility manager’s essential role is to build community among the organizations housed at our campuses as well as with the clients and visitors seeking help at our locations.

“Deschutes Children's Foundation is one of the few organizations that touch a lot of other agencies and services.”

Ken Wilhelm, United Way of Deschutes County